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Award Winning Audio Branding & Songwriting

Some of our JINGLE expertise lie in the following categories:

  • Website Jingles: jingles that accompany web videos, social media campaigns and other online marketing campaigns.

  • TV Show Theme Songs: songs and scores that help set the stage for TV shows and keep us humming the tune to our favorite shows.

  • Custom Radio Jingles: custom crafted radio jingles are typically embedded with great calls to action and generate direct listener response.

  • TV Jingles: audio and visual are married closely in advertising, TV spots work best when their audio is memorable and is complimentary to great visuals. You almost see the golden arches and smell the golden fries when you hear McDonalds “I’m lovin it” and vice versa.

  • Original Music for Marketing: good music makes you feel things, do things and let’s face it…buy things. Powerful original music for marketing brands is a clever way for brands to garner certain market share.

  • Jingles for Small Business: typically small business jingles are associated with company names and calls to action. Small businesses are usually most concerned with driving new business and making sure customers know who they are and where to go – this is what these jingles do.

  • Music Production: the writing and producing of music has become an integral part of advertising and branding over many decades.

  • Radio Imaging: from radio station ID’s to the ads for their customers, creating and producing cutting edge music for Radio Stations is a core integration to every station.

  • Voice Overs: commonly known in the biz as VO’s, these are the voices that help drive home messages, add meat and tatters to jingle spots and help tell the stories of companies all across the globe.

  • Ad Radio Commercials: radio stations make a majority of their money selling airtime and these are the commercial spots that are aired.

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